Downsizing your family home is difficult. Loving memories and a lifetime of collecting family treasures are part of that home. How do you choose the best housing options as you age and your needs change? As a senior real estate specialist, John Davies guides those aged 55+ through downsizing your home in retirement and selling your most valuable and cherished asset.

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How can you feel good about downsizing?

As you start retirement planning, downsizing can seem like a no-win situation. After all, no one loves the idea of getting rid of possessions and “settling” for a small retirement home. But waiting until it’s time to move isn’t the best strategy and can create even more discomfort and stress.

When should you downsize your home?

Working together, we can plan far in advance to get you ready. My network of attorneys, CPAs, estate planners, professional organizers and many others can help you with a downsizing your home checklist. We’ll plot a timeline to make sure everything happens smoothly.

Helping seniors downsizing in retirement.

I’ve identified a real need that’s not often addressed in real estate … how to downsize your home for retirement in preparation for selling. I’ve gained keen insight into the unique issues, decisions and housing challenges facing those aged 55+....

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Easing the downsizing challenge


Housing Transitions

Selling a home you may have lived in for a lifetime can be a very emotional experience. So, the biggest challenge faced is usually downsizing for seniors. How do you choose what to keep? Moving to a smaller home probably means reducing the amount of stuff you own. It’s difficult both emotionally and logistically.

Team Approach

Team Approach

You’re not in this alone. I’m your “head coach” and am comfortable working with you, other family members and even caretakers. Using my team approach, we’ll work through all the questions surrounding the possibility of selling your home.

Probate Expertise

Probate Expertise

As a real estate agent, I’ve met many people who have struggled through the probate process. It’s a huge responsibility that quickly becomes complex to navigate if you’re lacking a strong probate strategy. Think of me as your “Probate Project Manager,” serving as a facilitator between you, your probate attorney and other service professionals.

Downsizing Resources

You want to work with professionals you can trust when you’re downsizing for retirement. I’m happy to share my connections to reliable, compassionate service partners like attorneys, CPAs, professional organizers and senior care providers.

Downsizing Resources

Let’s Talk

The real estate market can be overwhelming with so many choices! Your situation is unique and needs the customized, careful consideration I provide as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. Let’s explore your options.


Are you an empty nester?


Do you just want to relax more and simplify your life?


Are you concerned about the financial implications of keeping your home?

Home Maintenance

Do you struggle with home maintenance challenges?

These situations, along with health issues and other major life events, often make older couples and individuals think about selling their home and moving on. Choosing a new home that meets your current and future needs can be daunting. We’ll take as much time as you need to discuss the best housing options for your unique situation.

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As a REALTOR® with over 10 years of guiding clients through buying and selling their homes, I’ve gained keen insight into the unique issues, decisions and housing challenges that are faced by those aged 55+. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®), I have the extensive education needed to help with later-in-life real estate choices and downsizing your family home.

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