Probate & Estate Settlement

Last Will and Testament

Are you facing the challenges of settling an estate in probate?

As a real estate agent, I've met many people who have struggled through the probate proces. It's a huge responsibility that quickly becomes complex for you to navigate if you're lacking a strong probate strategy.

It's my mission to help you maintain control of the process with a team of reliable professionals supporting you with quality, honesty and integrity.

Think of me as your "Probate Project Manager", serving as a facilitator between you, your probate attorney and other service professionals.

5-Step Real Estate Settlement Process

I work with a variety of solution providers who are experts in their fields and work together to react the outcome YOU desire. Let my network of experts guide you and deliver results based on your timeline. My provider network includes attorneys, contractors, estate sale companies, clean out crews, financial advisors and more.

Five simple steps:

  1. Strategize the best plan of action.
  2. Schedule your solutions providers (contractors, clean out crew, moving company, etc.).
  3. Organize personal property.
  4. Prepare the home for sale.
  5. Market and sell the home.

Selling the Home

Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource during the probate process is a real estate agent who's experienced and trained in handling the intricate details of probate and inherited property sales. Once an action plan is built around your specific needs, I'll work in conjunction with the attorney and other team members to deliver solutions quickly, efficiently and respectfully.

My team and I will ensure you are always well informed about probate decisions as they pertain to real estate transactions. Our goal is to expediate the real estate transaction fo you in a way that's efficient and respectful of your needs.

Let's get started. I'll guide you from the start to finish.