Probate & Estate Settlement

Last Will and Testament

Are you facing the challenges of settling an estate in probate?

As a real estate agent, I've met many people who have struggled through the probate process. It's a huge responsibility that quickly becomes complex for you to navigate if you're lacking a strong probate strategy.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is always difficult. If you're also tasked with serving as a personal representative or executor/executrix of their estate, it's even more challenging and emotionally draining. Often, you face adversity of making many decisions in areas where you have no previous experience. These decisions also bring the added pressure of being very closely scrutinized and (all too frequently) second-guessed by family and/or friends.

It's my mission to help you maintain control of the process with a team of reliable professionals supporting you with quality, honesty and integrity.

Think of me as your "Probate Project Manager," serving as a facilitator between you, your probate attorney and other service professionals.

I'm here to guide you through the real estate probate settlement.

Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource during the probate process is a real estate agent who's experienced and trained in handling the intricate details of probate and inherited property sales.

Once an action plan is built around your specific needs, I'll work in conjunction with the attorney and other team members to deliver solutions quickly, efficiently and respectfully.

As an experienced REALTOR®, I'll make sure that you're always well informed about probate decisions as they pertain to real estate transactions. I'll help you with some of the difficult conversations you may need to have with family members and other heirs. If you haven't yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, I can help you choose one whose good work we are comfortable recommending.

We focus our efforts on probate real estate because it allows us to provide you with the expertise you need during this important transition. Many other real estate professionals are not as focused on REQUEST A CONSULTATION probate and may not know all the finer details of estate settlement. We've taken the time to educate ourselves to properly assist you.

As an experienced probate REALTOR®, I can help you liquidate the home and assets so that you're not stuck with clearing out the house, making repairs, and selling the home while being mindful of probate rules. With my expertise, you'll get the home on the market and get it sold so you can settle probate quickly.

My team and I will ensure you are always well informed about probate decisions as they pertain to real estate transactions. Our goal is to expedite the real estate transaction for you in a way that's efficient and respectful of your needs.

Get the support you deserve from our Probate Solutions Provider Team.

I work with a variety of solution providers who are experts in their fields and work together to reach the outcome YOU desire. Let my network of experts guide you and deliver results based on your timeline. My provider network includes attorneys, contractors, estate sale companies, clean out crews, financial advisors and more.

My team is ready to help in every phase of the transaction and get the terms you and your family want and need.